About cleverti

cleverti provides IT outsourcing solutions through nearshore teams based in Portugal.
Our service range follows the lifecycle of software including software development, software testing and product support. We offer tailored, fast and cost-effective solutions to allow you to build and deploy high-quality, affordable software applications with faster time-to-market.

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Turn our mission into a reality for a vast number of organizations in various geographies to become a leading player in the nearshore IT outsourcing panorama.


  • Embrace and drive different forms of innovation
  • Engage, treasure and develop the best people
  • Build open, reliable and lasting relationships
  • Defend clients’ best interests by challenging them if needed
  • Act with integrity even if nobody is watching


What Boost the technical expertise of our clients throughout the software development lifecycle

How Providing tailored, cost-effective and scalable solutions through best of breed IT professionals and flexible business models

Why To help our clients accelerate software delivery with higher quality and controlled cost

Awards & Certifications


How we do it

We offer different and flexible engagement models to suit your specific requirements in terms of scope, size, length and pricing model

  • Flexibility & scalability
  • Common tools & infrastructure
  • Standard processes & frameworks
  • Best practices
  • Ongoing management


Where we can help

Assuring reliability due to a proven experience in international projects and multicultural environments with a 100% project success rate.
Delivering higher stability and confidence to your projects due to a low turnover rate.
Expanding your capacity and efficiency with flexible and scalable technical teams - from 1 to N.
Providing a tailored and proactive approach to your needs with matching technical competence, work culture and business vision.
Balancing the total cost per headcount of your teams through a mix of on-site and near-shore staff.
Making sure you have the kind and amount of skills you need through a pool of qualified, experienced, and language-skilled IT professionals.

Why is Portugal such a unique location

Portuguese IT professionals are recognized by quality, maturity and language skills. Staff turnover is lower in than in other near-shoring locations. Portuguese workforce is also known for flexibility, creativity and resourcefulness.

Portugal has advanced access and communication infrastructures and a highly rated business environment. Top positions in world rankings regarding the use of ICT. 23th country in the world where it is easier to do business.

Portugal is a founding member of the EU and Eurozone with Western European ethics in culture, law and business. Leading developed-market outsourcing location in EMEA.

Located on the West Coast of Europe and at the convergence of 3 continents, Portugal is a privileged business platform for East and West and a true gateway between Europe, Africa and Latin-America.

Cost structure in Portugal is competitive in terms of cost of living and labour costs. Inflation is low and the Euro protects Clients against major currency fluctuations.

Portugal is a politically and socially stable country with privileged geography, climate and quality of life. Portuguese people are hospitable and willingness to accept new cultures. One of the world's safest countries to live and work.

Where you can find us

cleverti building

cleverti is located in the Miraflores Premium Building, about 20 minutes away from downtown Lisbon and the airport. Access to our offices is easy by car, taxi or public transport. There are nearby restaurants, hotels, stores and services for your convenience.