cleverti was founded in 2010 specifically to provide nearshore IT outsourcing services. cleverti’s founders had extensive experience working for companies from central and northern Europe and were aware that many of these markets lack IT specialists to meet all their needs, increasing shortage and cost. Portugal offers a set of advantages regarding some of the more traditional nearshoring destinations and was the obvious choice to host our nearshore teams.

Until 2014, we have operated exclusively under this model with companies from various mature markets including Germany, Norway and Sweden. In 2015, we have extended our operation to Portugal mostly focused on software testing.
cleverti’s staff is carefully selected based on technical capacity, experience and business functional knowledge. We have cross-platform expertise and experience in international projects and multi-cultural working environments.

We establish a close relationship with each client seeking to thoroughly understand our assignment as wells as their global organization, business and culture. This way of working allows us to provide a more effective response to client needs and add real value to their business. The type of cooperation we establish with our clients leads to a knowledge transfer that we may use to promote and implement software solutions in European and Portuguese-speaking markets. This is the case with eZ Systems and Mantacore.