cleverti provides comprehensive software development, including custom development, application maintenance, systems integration and platform migration

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Cutting-edge, reliable, scalable and cost-effective software solutions to keep up with your changing business requirements

In our fast moving world technology and business requirements evolve continuously increasing pressure on companies to streamline software applications and maximize their profitability. With cleverti’s teams you can expand your development capacity with very significant confidence levels and strong monitoring throughout the process. We understand the impact each application has on your business, from a simple app to a complex enterprise system, and work closely with you to pre-emptively identify critical issues and reduce avoidable overhead. We focus on your individual requirements whether you need to develop from scratch, build upon existing software or otherwise improve the profitability of your software solutions. 

Why outsource development to cleverti?

  • Wide ranging development services with possibility to engage testing and support
  • Continuous focus on your business requirements
  • Services tailored to your specific needs 
  • Development teams skilled in different platforms, technologies and methodologies
  • Software Engineers with international certifications

Major gains

  • Access to scalable expertise
  • Use of best practices, tools, methodologies and frameworks
  • High quality software with reduced time-to-market
  • Significant decrease of software costs
  • Wider focus of your internal team

Web development

cleverti has extensive experience in developing full-cycle web-based software solutions under different web infrastructures, including open source technologies and proprietary frameworks. Our web solutions are based on your individual needs and requirements, ranging from simple applications to complex enterprise systems.

We offer cross-platform expertise and deliver solutions to clients across a multitude of industries while overcoming various challenges, adhering to deadlines and maintaining quality standards. Our projects include developing applications from scratch as well as building upon existing software. By combining best-suited project development methodologies and techniques with relevant project management tools and domain expertise, cleverti focuses on providing you with functional and highly usable web applications whilst sticking to mature QA procedures throughout the entire development life cycle.

Mobile development

Mobile development by norm consists of the processes and procedures involved in implementing software for small and most often wireless computing devices such as smartphones or tablets. cleverti offers a variety of mobile development services to help you address the increasing exposure and mobility needs of your business, through highly interactive, user-friendly, responsive and functional mobile apps. Our mobile development teams are skilled in the latest operating systems and HTML5 development to create customer-oriented cross-platform mobile applications.

Desktop development 

Desktop applications still offer advantages especially for tasks where speed is very important and due to the ease with which they can be integrated with other systems through web services. Our development teams encompass the latest technologies into each project to create new-generation desktop applications. We are ready and capable of implementing any desktop application project of any degree of difficulty from small business process automation to the large-scale enterprise solutions. Ranging from simple standalone applications to complex server-based business suites, our desktop applications are custom-made, user-friendly, robust and effective, empowering our clients’ business performance and productivity. Our desktop application development activities include the use of latest trends, technologies and platforms to achieve cross-platform solutions while adhering to best industry standards and practices. cleverti can also assist you in migrating from desktop applications to multi-platform applications.

Mainframe development

In many organizations worldwide mainframes play a fundamental role in computing running by default heavy-duty transactional applications. Let and behold, mainframes are still very much alive and well, powering the global economy. Mainframe is an important area of software development in cleverti since many of our clients have business-critical and other essential applications hosted in mainframe environments. cleverti’s mainframe expertise is all-around, covering Development, Maintenance, Migration and New Interface Development. In a time where most of the more recent graduate workforce is preoccupied with newer technologies, and mainframe programmers are scarce, our Mainframe specialists use state-of-the-art productivity and compliance tools to help you run better performing, reliable, secure and cost-effective mainframe applications with decreased software costs. 

Embedded & real-time critical systems

Embedded real-time systems are subject to various timing constraints and by norm are created to monitor, respond to, and control external environments. These systems on a large scale, regularly exceed the complexity of other types of systems given their nature and need to deal with the complexities of the physical world which go beyond the usual range of problems inherent to software. From telecommunications to turnkey systems, cleverti has the knowledge and experience to offer you world-class embedded software development services, creating innovative products and solutions to help you dramatically increase time-to-market while reaping the benefits of cost-efficiencies. Our development teams are versatile and skilled in a number of open and proprietary operating systems such as Linux, Windows, RTOS (LynxOS, VxWorks) to the embedded software development of device drivers, Middleware layers, and Graphical User Interfaces (GUI).

Application maintenance

Since companies increasingly depend on computer applications to meet business goals, a significant part of IT budgets is inevitably spent in software maintenance. Trough our maintenance solutions you can keep computer applications continuously adjusted to your business requirements, while reducing related costs. Besides traditional corrective, preventive and adaptive application maintenance, we offer a set of more specific services such as software refactoring, end-of-life maintenance and bug-fixing task forces. Our solutions enable a fast increment in your capacity, increase productivity and time-to-market, and allow critical resources to be released for core business activities. Using cleverti’s teams also enables a significant reduction in your maintenance costs due to a more efficient resource allocation.

Systems Integration & Migration

cleverti´s integration and migration services improve the profitability of your applications and ensure that they are technologically adjusted to your evolving business needs. Our services are tailored to your requirements and include strong monitoring and support throughout the process. Based on our experience with software integration, we enable you to combine multiple systems and data into a common integrated platform. Our services extend both to older systems that became obsolete and to poorly integrated recent systems, with un-reusable code that complicates maintenance and upgrade. We also help you to migrate your applications into next generation platforms, with higher flexibility and responsiveness to business requirements. Our services cover either the migration of small applications or the migration of complex systems, which are in many cases responsible for critical operations.

Automatic Code Generation

Automatic code generation allows to accelerate the development of various components such as database structure, layouts and business rules. cleverti uses technologies of automatic code generation allowing move quicker to the most complex validation business and reduce the development time frame. cleverti has expertise knowledge in several platforms that can generate thousands of code lines and cover 98% of application’s scope. Using this concept and technologies cleverti could help our customers to migrate some deprecated applications developed with old languages to create a new and fresh solutions.