cleverti provides first, second and third-line technical support with 24*7 worldwide coverage and the possibility to choose between a dedicated or a shared services model

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Specialized, consistent and welcoming product support providing enhanced customer experiences

Expert product support is a key success factor particularly as companies grow and streamline business processes. A human-based and dependable support provides your customers with a better user experience, increasing customer satisfaction and retention. However, it requires labour and capital resources that you may not be able to release. Using cleverti’s white label support services allows you to improve customer care without neglecting business functions. Via cleverti you can offer reliable support tailoring working hours and geographical span to your needs.

Why use cleverti’s white label services?

  • Professionals with expertise and experience in common platforms and issue tracking tools, plus language and communication skills
  • 24*7 worldwide range
  • Capacity to scale as needed
  • Full compliance with predefined SLAs, severity levels and reaction times
  • Detailed reporting

Benefits for your business

  • Improved customer experience and brand reputation
  • Higher customer retention
  • Faster response times
  • Efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Wider focus of your internal team

Technical support services 

Our white label services enable you to support customers with various levels of technical capacity, using different channels and experiencing issues with variable complexity. Our support teams are comprised of dedicated and suited professionals who ensure the best level of service. Besides technical expertise, our Product Support Engineers have adequate skills, experience and drive for the role.

Tier one support

Receives and qualifies requests, answers common questions, explains where to find additional information.

Tier two support

Assists installation, configuration and use of the application. Distributes updates and service packs.

Tier three support

Investigates problems. Provides fixes for defects in the software. Guarantees the quality of each fix.

Technical documentation

Need to deliver logical and understandable documents to your ecosystem? We can write or update your technical documentation. Outsourcing technical documentation to cleverti allows you to increase capacity without raising headcount.

We have trained professionals in technical writing which are able to review or produce various types of documents including user manuals, installation guides, online help, release notes, etc.  We can take part of your documentation process or provide an end-to-end solution depending on your needs.  

Who we work for

Our services are independent from type of software, business area and technology. We focus on the technical and functional specifications of your application and also on the nuances of your business. The engineers assigned to a project are trained in both strands. Verticals we serve include:

  • Finance
  • Media
  • Health
  • Public sector
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications


The selection of an engagement level should take into account your support needs and customer service maturity. The models we offer are based on a common ground - customer-oriented mind-set, operational excellence with standardized processes, flexibility and scalability.

Shared model

Quality support with a lower budget
Ideal for 
  • Lower workload
  • Simpler issues
  • Limited budget
  • New / growing businesses looking for an experienced partner to assist in the growth phase
  • Economies of scale due to optimization of resources and processes
  • Significant cost savings
How it works
  • Pool of resources shared with other businesses
  • Additional resources added in peak periods

Dedicated model

Exclusive support focused on your brand
Ideal for
  • Higher support volumes
  • Complex issues / high touch customer interaction
  • Companies for whom customer service is a core value
  • Exclusivity and commitment to your brand
  • Continuous alignment with your business
How it works
  • Full-time, tailored team
  • Staff pre-selected by cleverti based on your requirements and approved by you