César Fonseca highlights the Cleverti Care methodology

Jul 16th 2020
 In Cleverti's 10 years, the business director was interviewed by

The boom of the Nearshore in Portugal has been felt in recent years, with great prominence in Lisbon. has been a partner of some of the best software development providers, following customer testimonies and consequent success stories.

We are pleased to be partners of Cleverti, and so we decided to listen to its Business Director, César Fonseca about the path taken by the company in recent years.

“A happy client is everything, so my message to every owner is to center their product or service on their clients.” César Fonseca, Business Director, Cleverti.”

A Portuguese company, Cleverti actually got its start in Nordic companies.
How did this journey begin?

César Fonseca:
Our CEO, Carlos, used to work in Norway and Sweden, and he noticed there was a big deficit in programmers. After some years he left them and founded Cleverti to start providing our services from our competence center in Lisbon to around the world.
How do you see the evolution of Cleverti over the years? You found your place in the market through a differentiated offer, right?

César Fonseca:
Now, 10 years later, Cleverti’s reach extends to 14 countries, and we haven’t changed our original mission or strategy: making sure the client is happy. This starts with an active voice and participation in the recruitment process. And it extends to regular follow-ups when the team is running.
As far as we know, you implemented your own methodology based on very peculiar assumptions. Can you tell us a little about this method and how it works?

César Fonseca:
Even though our original strategy has stayed the same, that’s not to say we haven’t innovated, built upon it, and perfected it. Recently, we’ve developed an internal procedure called "Cleverti Care", that helps us keep track of our close team monitoring. It not only involves the account manager, but also the operations team. It consists, above all, of working closer to the Service Teams. On a weekly basis, we collect information from the team, to understand how the service is evolving. At least once a month, Cleverti creates an opportunity for the Service Team to take a step back and have a deeper insight into how the project is going, victories, ideas, concerns, needs, and other thoughts. Sometimes Cleverti can directly help the Team to refocus, provide training, direction, and motivation.


Cleverti Rank on
There is a whole agile process, from what we realize...

César Fonseca:
Yes, at least once a month (or other period recommended by the Customer), our Operation Manager & Account Managers meet with a customer representative and collect feedback about Cleverti Service, while bringing some ideas/concerns from the Team (in case the Team cannot handle themselves. Based on information shared, Clerveti & Customer adjust their processes & relationship, so we can assure the success of the Service. Our full-team, client-first mentality has paid off. We’re a top-ranked company on The Manifest, a site that includes company listings for industry leaders around the world. Clients use it as a directory to find trusted partners for their business projects.
And that work has been accompanied by the recognition of your work, as we can easily see through the review portals.

César Fonseca:
Yes, no doubt! In fact, I can give you the example of our ranking on The Manifest. This ranking is influenced by the reviews we get on your website,, a B2B ratings, and reviews site. In our most recent featured review, we provided staff augmentation resources to build a SaaS platform.

“During the early stages of the engagement the Cleverti team took ownership of a high-profile backlogged project and brought it to a successful conclusion, taking requirements and feedback from us as they went, proving that they can work self-sufficiently.” — Head of Technical Delivery, SaaS Platform
What message would you like to send to those who want to extend their development team?

César Fonseca:
We’re proud of the team we’ve built over the last 10 years and of the success we’ve been able to achieve together. We receive a lot of contacts from potential clients who aren’t just looking for a technical center, but a partner they can rely on and trust their business with. At Cleverti, we’re happy to be that partner. Contact us today if you have a development need — we’d love to hear from you.




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