Do you know what world-class businesses have in common? Highly successful nearshore operations… in Portugal!

Jun 15th 2015
Nearshoring to portugal… what else?

If you’re not running a big corporation, large service centres like the above are most probably out of your league. But it doesn’t mean outsourcing and Portugal are. 

Smaller software companies and IT departments, have a lot to gain by outsourcing:                          

  1. Extra capacity without increasing headcount and legal ties
  2. Specific expertise not available in-house
  3. Improved productivity and quality throughout your software development process due to the use of specialists, best practices, and the latest technologies, methods and processes
  4. Wider focus of your internal team on critical tasks

Outsourcing comes in many shapes - from in-sourcing to nearshoring and offshoring. For an SME / start-up, nearshoring combines the best of two worlds: expert resources with a cost below the standard practice in your country plus lower travel, time-zone and communication impacts due to physical and cultural proximity.

Nearshoring to Portugal                                       

Portugal is recognized as high-quality nearshore outsourcing destination with matchless advantages:

  • Western European ethics in culture, law and business
  • Continued political & social stability, and security
  • Advanced technological & business infrastructures
  • Competitive cost structure
  • IT professionals known for quality, maturity and language skills
  • Strategic location

Choosing an outsourcing partner

If you’ve decided to outsource and you’re keen on Portugal as destination, it’s time to choose the right partner - a major step since partner’s practices can directly impact on your project(s). Before you choose: 

  1. Check experience in delivering services like the one(s) you plan to outsource
  2. Ask for client references to confirm technical skills, capacity, quality, adherence to deadlines, etc.
  3. Ensure effective & regular communication - common language(s), working schedules, accessibility, tools, etc.
  4. Check premisesinfrastructures and equipment, including capacity to scale
  5. Make sure partner is open to clarify your doubts, have face-to-face meetings and receive you in their facilities

So, who else is nearshoring to Portugal?  

Numerous SMEs and start-ups, actually. And with great success too!          

Smaller companies have matching nearshore teams - from team size to scope and length, everything is tailored to their needs and requirements. The skills delivered by these teams include software development, testing and product support (individually or combined) and cover different technologies and methodologies. Despite the differences, they have a common ground:

  • Flexible and scalable teams
  • Qualified, experienced and language skilled staff
  • Low turnover rate increasing project stability and confidence
  • Proven experience in international projects and multicultural settings
  • Reliance - some operations are ongoing for more than 6 years 

The perfect solution for you may very well be in Portugal. Challenge us to set it up!

By Ana Raposo Guerra | Executive & Marketing Manager | via LinkedIn 


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