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Feb 15th 2019
Building an highly scalable, responsive, enterprise-grade frontend solution
  • Challenge

Building a highly scalable, responsive, enterprise-grade frontend solution for a lead management containerized platform from scratch, following TDD practices. This platform will be responsible for aggregating and orchestrating a vast magnitude of external services and channels.

  • Solution

With a large number of data visualizations, forms and operations, reusability and abstractions concepts and patterns had to be incorporated from the start.

We've created an innovative framework on top of Angular that allowed us to implement an event-driven architecture with strong Model Driven Development concepts. In its core lives an event-bus that delivers Commands throughout the application, resulting in loosely coupled components,
services and so on.

Forms, data tables, and other elements are created dynamically based on provided modules and configurations. This allows us to provide changes and updates in record speed while keeping logic hidden behind abstraction layers and patterns.

  • Results

A highly maintainable source code with 90%+ test coverage, that enables us to iterate and deliver faster and with increasing quality, due to our commitment to TDD from the very beginning.

  • Technology

Angular, Typescript

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