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Jan 22nd 2018
Top front-end usability for reservoir management platform
  • Challenge

Develop the front-end of a web-based reservoir modelling and management platform. The front-end needed to seamlessly integrate with the back-end being developed by Client’s on-site crew in Norway. 

  • Solution

The solution developed by Cleverti involved two major steps. In the first step, new functionalities were created in the existing application for collecting and processing information related to soil analysis and also for generating complex graphs for detailed data analysis. The second step consisted of refactoring the existing Windows Forms application to Angular & React.js. 

  • Results

Using recent technologies allowed our client to implement additional and improved solutions to existing requirements. JavaScript made it possible to build new reports, create a new method for data collection and generate graphs in a faster way. The application now offers a new set of features that improve user experience, making it much more appealing for a growing number of customers.

  • Technology

Angular, React.js, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, webpack, Redux, D3, Web API, .NET

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