A web-based platform, with the main focus of managing the information of the water resources in Mozambique.


One of the main goals of this project is to centralize all the information, that was managed differently in each region in a unified national database. We collected hydrological data (rivers, reservoirs hights and groundwater), water quality (samples and analysis) and water usage data since the beginning of the 20th century and now it offers administrators and experts the possibility to improve this data and collect the new readings.

The solution provides the opportunity for public users to visualize information in Maps or Graphs. The project started the development in March 2019, using SCRUM with a 6-member team (3 Cleverti in Portugal), and during some periods the team reached a size of 9.

With the requirement to use only free and Open-Source tools, our technological stack includes mainly Angular, Java (Spring Boot), Postgres with GIS extension and Docker. In some small modules, we also use Python, Jasper Reports, Apex Charts and Geoserver.

In November 2019, we went to Mozambique to train the key users and assist with the hardware and software installation. Our team helped the client to improve many processes like the CD/CI or SCRUM and finding technical solutions, and sometimes collaborating with other clients’ sharing our knowledge. Based on this project, we are now starting to build a product aiming clients in developing countries.

For this new product, we are going to improve the Microservices architecture, include Keycloack, search a better chart tool and considering introducing GraphQL, TimescaleDB, Quarkus, and always attentive to the latest technological innovations.


Written by João Basto