In a significant milestone for Cleverti, a new chapter of innovation and global growth begins with the strategic acquisition by Norwegian’s 99x Holding. This strategic strengthening not only reinforces Cleverti’s standing in the industry, but also sets the stage for expanded opportunities and collaborative ventures.

cleverti 99x holding

Strategic Union

The union between the two companies is a strategic move that aligns with both entities’ commitment to excellence and innovation. Cleverti’s reputation for delivering top consulting and nearshore services finds a powerful ally in 99x Holding’s global reach, digital solutions and expertise.

As part of the 99x Holding family, Cleverti will not only be able to contribute with talent and cutting-edge development services, but to widen the already established position in 14 countries and the possibility to bring greater delivery capacity to the company, while adding significant expertise to the group’s diversified portfolio and for clients across industries.

Global Reinforcement

This acquisition expands Cleverti’s global reach, opening doors to new markets and collaborations. With 99x Holding’s already established presence in Norway, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Brazil and other strategic locations, and Cleverti’s and experience of over 13 years of solid presence in Europe, this joint-force gains a diverse network of professionals and clients, propelling both companies into a new era of growth.

It also means that clients, both current and future, can look forward to an enhanced range of services and solutions, thanks to this synergy. The collective expertise of the two entities paves the way for a broader range of solutions and development capabilities.

Carlos Coutinho Silva, founder and CEO of Cleverti, expressed his optimism about the acquisition, stating, “Joining forces with 99x strengthens Cleverti and brings us exciting opportunities. We are very excited about the growth prospects that this acquisition brings to our operations and to the group as a whole”.

Dag Honningsvåg, Chairman and CEO of 99x Holding, shared his excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing: “Cleverti has major clients in Europe, such as the UK and Germany, to which we can now add a wider range of services and opportunities through our development centres in Southeast Asia and Brazil”.

As Cleverti embarks on this transformative journey with 99x Holding, this acquisition promises not only an expected growth, but also an enhanced capability of solutions for clients worldwide.


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