Cleverti’s ‘Meet our Projects’ column is back, and with the same high quality reviews.

Our #7 featured client, an e-commerce firm close to home from Leiria, Portugal, sought to enhance their workforce with top-tier professionals to fuel their growth trajectory. This presented Cleverti with a chance to showcase the effectiveness of their recruitment services, assisting with staff augmentation, and the opportunity to make a significant and longing impact.

The Challenge

The in-house team needed staff augmentation, since all the processes and projects at hands couldn’t be performed and developed with just the existing workforce. High-quality professionals were the requirement, so it was imperative to swiftly assemble and onboard the ideal team. All this, to streamline the hiring process and optimize workflow efficiency.

Our Solution

Cleverti’s journey with the client began with a direct outreach, illustrating one of the company’s core – a proactive approach and the commitment to meeting clients needs. Since there were different teams that needed complementation, what was evident? Each demanded a tailored solution to address that specific team requirements. The recruitment process was, therefore, characterized by meticulous attention to detail. This ensured that only the most qualified candidates made it through.

The rigorous process encompassed CV screening, technical assessments and comprehensive interviews, guaranteeing that each individual brought invaluable expertise to the table.

The Final Outcome

The impact of Cleverti’s partnership was palpable, with the client consistently acquiring top-tier talents to bolster their team. The shared profiles have not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, enabling them to scale their operations seamlessly.

The workflow between teams has been marked by efficiency and collaboration, with Cleverti’s responsiveness standing out as a testament to our commitment to client success. Our reliability and dedication have garnered praise from the client, as shown by the Clutch review, reinforcing our position as a trusted ally in their journey towards excellence.

The mentioned review on the B2B platform that publishes in-depth client reviews and reliable data-driven content, was excellent. An overall score of 5 out of 5 with high marks on every considered metric – scheduling on time/deadlines (5.0), cost value/within estimates (5.0), quality service & deliverables (5.0), and NPS willing to refer (5.0).



This partnership, growing strong to this day, unlocked new opportunities for growth and innovation to our client. Our services continue to empower businesses across industries and continents, and the same commitment and excellence is delivered. One project at a time.


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