Due to my position, from time to time I have to give internal training to new Business Managers and guess what is the biggest question I always heard: Is there any magic potion to have success on my sales? Even if there is I would not reveal, but honestly no!

In sales cycle there are several factors that can lead us to success. Good lead qualification on a first stage, good and clear communication, constant follow-up and after all, an agile methodology that allows us to be in line with the ideas of our potential clients. Customer success is our success, isn’t it?

Based on this premise and as we live on an increasingly technological world, where competition is increasingly fierce, it is in the small details that we see the differences that allow us to go further and complete a successful sale. One of the key-points for a prosper partnership remains on team’s agility and how they communicate with each other.

However, is that possible to apply it in a nearshore model? Yes, of course! How, you wonder?

According to the article “When Agile Meets Outsourcing” from Heiner Himmelreich, Peter Hildebrandt, Rohit Nalgirkar and Joppe Bijlsma, they said: As IT organizations introduce agile ways of working, they often run head-on into an existing business model that seems incompatible: traditional outsourcing. The agile model, with its strong focus on teamwork, frequently clashes with the traditional outsourcing model, which requires contracting with vendors whose staffs are trained primarily to follow instructions rather than work collaboratively.

It happens that the traditional outsourcing is no longer sustainable. Actually, the organizations changed on the last years and working in agile is now mandatory on a “new outsourcing model”. In Cleverti, we are constantly breaking barriers and recently introduced a methodology that we call Cleverti Care. Curious?

Cleverti Care is a methodology developed to provide great Customer Experiences (CX) and a path for co-worker development. Its purpose is to positively shape our clients‘ perception throughout their interactions with Cleverti while empowering our staff. We aim for Customer and co-workers Success, all the time. Cleverti Care is more than a set of services. It keeps us close and connected to our clients and teams from the first contact onwards.

Cleverti Care was designed to drive long-term engagements with our clients. Any relationship must be rewarding for both sides. We follow our clients closely from the first contact, providing the answers they require in each stage. Since day one, when we understand their needs, good communication is the key for the success. The partnership will be built on honesty and transparency with regular follow-ups during the engagement until the setup of the team is conclude. We truly believe that the partnership starts on the moment when we sign the contract. We assure to our clients a tailored service that enables them to achieve a maximum return on their investment.

So, when you think in outsourcing, keep in mind that you have more to win than to lose. You can be even more agile with a team made exclusively for you, with the portuguese best talent and an entire team dedicated to your project. Do not wait any longer and contact us or simulate your team!


Written by Tomás Santos / Account Manager at Cleverti