Strengthening Nearshore projects and being able to attract the best talent to reinforce the existing team is cleverti’s priority, to be consolidated as a strategic partner for companies seeking quality and cost-efficient technological solutions.

In 2022, the company revenue exceeded 4 million euros and cleverti’s CEO, Carlos Coutinho Silva, expects to hit the mark of 5 million euros during 2023, making it a grow of 25%.

Developing its business since 2010, Nearshore was always a strategy. “I truly believe we were one of the first companies in Portugal to work in nearshore”, says cleverti’s CEO in TSF‘s radio program “Negócios e Empresas”.

“We’ve been growing steadily over the years, and with part of that growth comes the will to hire more people”. Boasting a robust team of professionals, cleverti strives to expand its workforce to 150 individuals by the end of 2025. This remarkable growth is fueled by exceptional outcomes, client satisfaction and the ability to attract exceptional talent.

Currently with more than 80 professionals, cleverti is agnostic on the technologies that seeks.  Outsystems, Java, Angular, React and Phyton are a few of the technologies wanted to integrate the several open projects.

Working with PME’s and start-ups in over 15 countries, and facing the difficulty of attracting good professionals at a cost that cleverti can fit into their projects, one of the solutions is to extend the recruiting to Brazil and, later on, to the US and Canadian markets.

Cleverti’s latest interview to discuss the great 2022 results and expected growth can be heard in  today’s (May 17th) TSF program here.