Web Summit, a word-combination that is amongst the few in the world that doesn’t need any clarification as to its meaning. The leading global tech conference is a few weeks from happening in 2023 and, once again, in Lisbon. With its continuous capacity of attracting innovators and investors, it’s a perfect hub to network and create business synergies. And, of course, to keep up and to know what to expect from the future of technology and its trending topics.

web summitNaturally, a conference of such dimension has a great deal of panel discussions, keynote speeches, workshops, startup exhibitions and more. So it can be a little overwhelming to select and choose where and what to focus on.

Cleverti, being a software house, will not only once again attend, but has the homework done to ease the experience. And since it is, at least for now, impossible to be at all places and explore every topic, here’s the scoop on what we are focusing on this Web Summit.

🤖 AI and Machine Learning

  • Guarding your digital secrets: AI v privacy – a talk with Chelsea Manning and Nym Technologies co-founder, Harry Halpin, about the intersection of AI and privacy and the challenges and solutions in the age of digital surveillance.
  • AI won’t take your job, but someone who knows how to use it will – Generative AI has rapidly gained popularity, but developers could be wondering about its long-term impact on their work and productivity.

  • The EU’s approach to AI – There’s more than one approach to regulating AI and, in this session, Meta Oversight Board member Helle Thorning-Schmidt, former Prime Minister of Denmark, navigates into the European Union’s AI regulation strategies.

  • The Future of AI & Machine Learning – A talk about the real-world applications of AI and machine learning, exploring insights into how these technologies are addressing global challenges.


⚙️ Software Development & Data Analytics

  • How to navigate spatial computing as a creative –Evelyn More, founder of VLGE Inc., will explore the revolutionary impact of spatial computing technologies, on redefining the digital interactions and virtual environments.

  • Web3 Horizon – A talk that will explore the next wave of internet advancements, with Web3 startups unveiling their innovations and ideas for a decentralised digital future.

  • AI v the eye test –After a lengthy journey, sports teams have embraced data analytics, with analytics departments becoming an integral part of the world’s top-performing teams. A discussion to display what could be next.

  • DIY AI: The benefits of building your own language model – New LLMs are emerging regularly. However, to understand what could be the ideal fit for a business, first there’s a need to explore the next generation of foundation models that emphasize customization and privacy.


♻️ Sustainability & CleanTech

  • The world is on fire. Here’s a realistic plan to save it –Climate activist Sage Lenier steps onto the stage to give a vision of a realistic and equitable transition, underscoring the role industry must play in guiding the world towards a circular and fairer economy.

  • Can fintech be a force for good? –Fintech has transformed the financial services industry, but there’s doubt regarding what’s being done in areas like climate change, financial inclusion and diversity. A session to explore the potential positive impact fintech can make worldwide.

  • The state of greentech – How greentech innovation is shaping a more sustainable life on Earth, creating planet-positive solutions for a better future.

  • How can technology transform the climate crisis? – While the tech industry focus on resolving inefficiencies in finance or crafting metaverse realms, there’s a lot more that could be done regarding climate change. Siam Capital investor Sita Chantramonklasri and Thoughtworks CTO Rebecca Parsons talk about the areas that demand attention.


🔐 Privacy and Security

  • Are you okay with being hacked? – Leaders today confront the challenging task of prioritizing risks and assessing vulnerability levels throughout their organizations. This session explores insights from experts on breach priorities, API security challenges and bot attacks.

  • Biometrics and beyond: Unmasking ID verification – A session to explore the next steps in shaping the future of identity and its online verification.

  • Preserving democracy in a digital age: Why privacy is fundamental – The crucial role of privacy-preserving technologies in upholding democracy and free speech in the digital era.

  • Guarding your digital secrets: AI v privacy – A talk to explore the vital crossroads of AI and privacy, to gain insights about the challenges and potential solutions in an era dominated by digital surveillance.


💰 Crypto

  • Web3 and the future of identity – Bradley Kam, the Co-founder of Unstoppable Domains discusses the dynamic fusion of Web3 technologies and identity paradigms, with Blockchain as centre stage.

  • A year after FTX: Dead or rebuilt? – A crypto analysis and reality check about the past year, to understand which companies disappeared, which have been fortified and what have all businesses have learned.

  • Unpacking the crypto conundrum in 2023 – Global crypto readiness faces several impediments, including, but not limited to, disconcerting news headlines, regulatory challenges and environmental worries. What concerning areas crypto communities have tackled in 2023 and what will be the upcoming focal points for 2024.

  • The ETF race: A step closer to bitcoin mass adoption? – The emergence of spot bitcoin ETFs, which directly hold bitcoin rather than relying on derivatives, has been a highlight of the year. A talk that promises to uncover the potential ripple effects of ETFs.


💼 Future of Work

  • Tech-enabled success and the future of work – The way companies ensure their employees thrive in any environment, regardless of where they are based, makes this topic an interesting one to debate as to where the future of work could be heading.
  • Women in tech: Capitalising on diverse perspectives as a competitive advantage – A current and important topic. Although making nearly half of the global population, women still face underrepresentation and underfunding in the tech industry. A talk with 3 industry leading women, that will explore the importance of mentorship, networking and capital access.

  • How AI is revolutionising business growth – How AI is reshaping business growth through data-driven insights, personalised customer experiences and process optimisation.

  • Silencing prejudice: Cultivating inclusion in European tech – Another hot and important topic. This thought-provoking session with two distinguished experts dedicated to challenging racism’s influence in Europe is set to discover strategies to more inclusivity.


Clear as water, there’s a lot more one could be interested in seeing, hearing and exploring. And there’s a lot more to go from here.

Web Summit provides access to industry leaders and important discussions about relevant subjects. It also showcases unparalleled networking opportunities and potential new deals and partners. The access to cutting-edge technologies and industry leaders makes it a 360-experience for both tech professionals and afficionados.

Cleverti’s carefully curated selection of topics and talks is just the tip of the iceberg. As you prepare to attend, keep in mind: it’s not only about the scheduled sessions, but the connections you make.

So, in between all the panel discussions and exhibits, and if you find the time, reach out and give us a hi. We’d love to meet and forge some new business connections or just engage in some interesting chats :)