Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning talks are being organised by Cleverti and cover topics like Cluster Analysis and Genetic Algorithms (1st and 2nd talk).

Its main objective is to explain the undeniable advantage of using these algorithms in big data analysis – These talks have not only a theorical approach, as they also include practical focus / real life examples for an easy learning process.

The main usages that AI currently has are anti-spam software & fraud detection software, but the truth is that it is currently a reality that has been around for two decades and is currently penetrating in almost every industry.

As all animals use past experiences to make choices  machines can now be programmed to use the same past experiences and take wiser decisions.

These are matters of interest to Cleverti and all our collaborators. Because of this, we have decided to organize this series of informal conversations that will be divided into one-hour episodes.

These talks will explain various topics and responding to the doubts of the participants, we are convinced that they’ll be an asset for those who are interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Check the second talk of the series: