If you haven’t been on holidays yet, save this article and read it later. If your holidays are ending and you feel down because you need to get back into your usual routine, these lines are for you.


Holidays are a much desired and deserved break. Daily life is increasingly demanding and absorbing, and holidays are an opportunity to turn off, relax and recharge your batteries. They are the time for perfect days at the beach or in the countryside, preferably with no fixed timetable to wake up, sleep or eat. They are also prone to extended lunch and dinner parties with family and friends, without thinking too much about the excesses you are making.

And then, it’s suddenly time to get back, which may be hard sometimes. The end of your holidays is likely to generate some anxiety, but it is necessary to prevent this natural anxiety from becoming a source of negative feelings with the return to everyday life.

Here are some tips to help you make a smoother transition:

  1. Face the return naturally – It’s important to accept that it’s normal to be anxious about getting back into your routine. Symptoms such as difficulty falling asleep and waking up, low concentration and lack of productivity in the first days of work are hallmarks of readaptation and should not be overvalued. The initial shock is expected and natural.
  2. Avoid an abrupt return – Try not to return from your vacation the day before you go to work. Progressively adjust schedules and routines. A few days in advance, start organizing yourself and household chores so that the transition is as smooth as possible.
  3. Plan and prioritize – On the first day try to wake up earlier, have a nice breakfast and save some time to yourself before work. Organize your schedule and set priorities. Analyse your tasks according to urgency and importance. If possible, start the day with a task that is rewarding and useful to you. Don’t try to solve all outstanding issues on the first day – you run the risk of becoming anxious, frustrated and tired.
  4. Enjoy breaks and socialize – Refresh the memory with positive work experiences, reinforce team spirit and allow the brain to recover from the effort made. Take the opportunity to share holiday experiences and ear what your colleagues have been up to.
  5. Don’t just get back to work – There’s no need to become nostalgic… holidays are over, but leisure time is not. There are weekends, days off and times of day when you don’t work. Dedicate these breaks to the activities you enjoy the most. If you overindulged in heavy food, wine and berlin balls, try to eat healthy and keep hydrated.

Extend the holiday spirit – Summer isn´t over yet! Have dinner with your friends and share holiday photos and highlights. Bring a holiday keepsake to work – a picture or souvenir help to generate positive emotions. End the working day with a sunset on a terrace. Schedule a weekend getaway a few weeks after returning to work.

Written by Ana Raposo