The majority of Cleverti’s clients refers one common challenge, prior to the made partnership. And that is the search for competent professionals to assist with the tasks and internal projects at hands. Having flexibility and scalability are demanding but necessary requirements, and this is where nearshore can play a great role.

Our next featured client from Munich in Meet our Projects needed help finding resources for a software development unit, which aimed to develop a range of projects.

Cleverti demonstrated a seamless and direct adaptation to the requirements, swiftly transitioning to coding and building software development. The assigned team skilfully transformed the idea from scratch into a reality, showcasing their expertise throughout the process.

The Challenge

This Geospatial Services Company, that deals with special information in a diverse project portfolio, aimed to enhance their project responsiveness by increasing flexibility. However, sourcing competent professionals proved challenging. Hence, their search for strategic partnerships centred around finding one who could enable them to achieve greater flexibility and scalability.

Our Solution

This ongoing partnership since July 2018 enabled Cleverti to work on a range of development projects, supplementing the resources for the client’s software development unit.

The multiplicity of projects required multiple tools and expertise, with more projects and technologies to come. From web to mobile development working with Angular, Ionic and Java, to database technologies, Cleverti’s top team of 8 developers, provides daily full-functioning solutions, depending on what the project requires.

The Final Outcome

The provided team has been instrumental in enabling the client to embark on projects that would have been otherwise challenging to undertake. Providing scalable solutions and excellent quality, whilst aligning with their own work philosophy has fostered exceptional teamwork.

Furthermore, sharing a similar mindset and being able to constantly rearrange solutions, all played a key role in the success of the project.

When working Nearshore, effective communication and maintaining a close collaboration throughout every stage of the project remains crucial for delivering outstanding results. Cleverti’s expertise fosters genuine partnership, surpassing mere adherence to instructions. The exchange of ideas, flexibility, and alignment with the client’s work style contribute to a favourable outcome.

So, the nearshore methodology facilitated the communication between teams, giving prompt assistance and bringing valuable resources that are scarce in the client’s local area. The communication, management and overall collaboration were exemplary, proved by their Clutch review.

The review made on the B2B platform that publishes in-depth client reviews and reliable data-driven content was excellent, with an overall score of 5 out of 5 with high marks on every analysed metric – scheduling on time/deadlines (5.0), cost value/within estimates (5.0), quality service & deliverables (5.0), and NPS willing to refer (5.0).

To this day, we continue to work closely on the company’s demanding projects, assisting in the strategic growth and allowing the right, cost-effective development.

Check this review in detail and others at Clutch – a B2B website invested in publishing in-depth client reviews and reliable data-driven content.