In the new feature of Meet Our Projects, our UK based client from a worker-centric platform, partnered up with Cleverti for an ongoing project since May 2019, developing a SaaS platform and joining forces to the client’s in-house team, with four elements, including two full-time developers.

This partnership came to place after a direct recommendation from the company’s CPO, who had a previous sales call with Cleverti’s Nearshore Sales Manager. Soon, the conclusion was that working with Cleverti offered our client the flexibility to upsize and downsize the development team, in line with the changing demands of their development roadmap.

The Challenge

The aim goal was to create a marketplace that supported temporary workers in their earnings, savings and investments. And scaling up the team with an overseas partner, which was more cost-effective than a solution found in the UK, was the first decision made by Cleverti’s soon to be client.

Guaranteeing the same quality, with a continuity factor and a peer support element was also a requirement. Nearshoring allowed working with a much more competitive budget and in a similar timeframe, putting this project up to speed and according with the required setups.

Our Solution

Joining the client’s in-house team, Cleverti helped with Angular and .NET work for the platform’s front-end and back-end development. Building the SaaS platform to allow handpicked integrations with existing software, products or services were some of the functionalities specified.

Cleverti successfully took ownership of the project, being able to communicate remotely in a fully engaged way, with responsiveness and flexibility making the project a success. Immersing in the client’s technical requirements, Cleverti delivered a fast web development work, with a proactive problem-solving expertise and productive culture.

The Final Outcome

The business support made along the way was essential to allow a continuous framework, with communication being the key aspect of all the partnership process. The success of the project was greatly influenced by the implementation of Cleverti’s Nearshore methodology, which involved regular communication, flexible planning, and close collaboration between the client and the development team. This approach facilitated a good working relationship and agile workflow, resulting in the smooth and efficient progression of the project.

Furthermore, providing the appropriate team members to the client played a decisive role in shortening the recruitment process and ensuring the speed of the process at the early stages. Additionally, establishing a strong relationship through effective account management resulted in the client viewing Cleverti as valuable partner, who successfully recruited the right talent in an extremely cost-effective way.

The partnership between the two companies was productive, as evidenced by their evaluation on Clutch, a B2B website renowned for publishing detailed client reviews and data-driven content.

The assessment awarded an overall rating of 5 out of 5, with impressive ratings for punctual scheduling/deadlines (4.5), cost value/accuracy (5.0), quality of service & deliverables (5.0), and NPS willingness to recommend (5.0).

SaaS platform nearshoring partnership

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