Web development, like other areas, is in a constant state of evolution. With developers serving a vital purpose in enhancing website functionality, boosting brand awareness and even facilitating business growth, it’s only natural that web development would have a steady stream of evolving trends in order to provide optimal experiences for online visitors.

Naturally, Cleverti is proud to stay ahead of the curve and aligned with the latest tech market trends, whilst recruiting the best talent every tech area can offer. In terms of web and software development, this is no different.

Technology advances every year, leading to the emergence of new and innovative practices in web development. It is also crucial for companies to stay up with these trends, as it enables the creation of highly sought-after applications that attract users. Cleverti’s web developers are always acquainted with new development practices that will enhance the quality of software development built for our clients.

So, what does the market tell us about 2023 trends?

  1. Progressive Web Applications

It is anticipated that during this year, Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) will see their popularity increase. Essentially, PWAs merge the functionalities of mobile apps and web pages. They are developed as web pages, yet have the look and feel of a typical mobile application.

One key feature of PWAs is that they can be accessed even when offline, unlike native mobile apps. This capability allows customers to browse the website even without an Internet connection and allows the use of mobile apps without any installation on devices. Naturally, our team is invested to stay informed and ready for PWAs development in the near future when compatible with our client’s projects.

  1. AI Chatbots

As we´ve mentioned in our blog before, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will reshape industries and improve efficiency, and AI chatbots are no different. Incorporating this feature when developing websites is a matter no strange to Cleverti. We’ve been using this technology for a while now since it allows great help with customer service, specifically in the industries where it is more useful, like the banking, retail and health industries.

  1. Headless CMS

For many years, traditional Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress have been widely used to power websites. And although Cleverti’s team typically develops both front and back end integrated, providing a comprehensive platform for managing everything from the database to the presentation layer is a plus in the software development world.

Unlike traditional CMSs, a headless setup separates the back end from the front end. Essentially, this means that content can be managed and created on the back end, and then distributed via an Application Programming Interface (API).

Since it can become a more used trend during this year, and since Cleverti’s talent delivers systematically new and up-to-date software development, their use could potentially be on the cards soon.

  1. Voice Search

Most modern smartphones come with built-in voice search assistants. This technology involves an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system that listens to spoken queries and converts them into text, which search engines then use to generate relevant results.

Regarding this matter, voice assistants may be the future and to achieve this, it is necessary to develop websites that are mobile-friendly since many people use their smartphones for voice searches rather than voice-activated devices like Alexa. Cleverti always works for every developed technology to be more responsive, fast to navigate and with large function abilities, so it can be ahead of problems, and time.

  1. Push Notifications

Companies are always on the lookout for new ways to connect with their customers, and Cleverti understands this recurrent demand – one way to quickly disseminate information is using push notifications.

Typically, mobile applications send push notifications based on the settings of the user’s device. However, it is also possible to implement push notifications on a website. After a user visits a website, they can be prompted to opt-in to push notifications. This allows any website to send notifications directly to the user’s device, be it a phone, computer or tablet.

Our team realised long time ago that push notifications can be used to communicate a variety of updates about a client’s store or service, such as new product or service launches, discounts and even increase second-time visits and that they are, therefore, essential to have.

  1. No-Code Tools

As a developer, expertise in coding languages is a no-brainer. Nevertheless, in 2023, no-code technology is likely to become more prevalent. With no-code development, software can be developed without having to write any code. The market for low code is expected to increase, and since Cleverti has a talent team of programmers, this also should be a no-brainer and an easy task.


Continuing to deliver the best software development allows Cleverti to not only stay relevant in the development and nearshore markets, but to attract and offer the best talent to any demanding projects that may appear.