Feeling part of a really great company may be what gets you out of bed in the morning with a smile, ready to face another challenging day at the office.

Jun 8th 2017
What makes a company more than just your working place?

Nowadays, as tech companies keep raising the bar to attract the most talented IT professionals, the answer becomes increasingly difficult... and certainly much more relevant.

In my case, when people ask me why Cleverti is such a great place to work this is my answer…

For starters, we are in Lisbon, a really cool city in a really cool country!

We do stop for ice cream on Fridays at four-thirty and when we don’t it's only because we replace the ice cream for another treat or a themed snack. Sure, this is a nice bonding break but it can’t be the reason you work here…

We also have breakfast together on a regular basis… and yes, starting the day with our mates having croissants, orange juice and other delicacies is pretty delicious, but you don’t choose one company over another for that…

Did I mention we have coffeetea and fresh fruit every day, and Pasteis de Nata when clients are at the office? Of course this is thoughtful but once again not enough to drive you to cleverti….

Could it be because of the breaks playing Ping-Pong, fighting Nerf battles or piloting drones? No way! It does relieve the work stress but that’s not why you choose to work for a company…

Several events throughout the year might work for you… Summer EventEnd-of-the-Year DinnerLan PartyPaintballBubble Football, etcetera are definitely good for team building but insufficient for choosing your workplace…

What about social responsibility, does it mean a lot to you? Because it does to us and, whenever we can, we endorse solidarity causes and charities, implement green policies and embrace valid ideas that help us build a better world!

Since we are a tech company, perhaps giving your contribution to highly stimulating technology projects in challenging international environments can move you... Especially if it comes with a salary package that matches your talent and includes more than a few attractive perks and incentives.

What if you can do it in a company where you’re valued as the unique human being you are, and your individual growth is achieved by mentoringtraining and knowledge sharing? If you can add flexible work and balance between your professional and personal life to this, would you like it? 

Let's say that this company also cares about your ideas and concerns and we even have a program to implement coworkers’ suggestions...

Not at all bad, is it?

But to be honest none of these alone is enough to make Cleverti a great place to work… What really makes us who we are is the sum of it all! And what we really are is a cohesive and happy team of people passionate about technology and willing to use our different talents and enthusiasm to reach a common good. 

By Ana Raposo | Executive & Marketing Manager | via LinkedIn


Proud to announce: Cleverti is ISO 9001:2015 certified!

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