What can cleverti do for software companies? Does a near-shore team actually help? How does cleverti meet clients’ requirements? Here are some questions you can and should ask, and to which César provides a short and clear response.

Jul 29th 2016
Catching up with... cÉsar fonseca, market director \\ cleverti
  • What can cleverti do for software companies and IT departments across Europe? 

We can setup a near-shore team based in Lisbon that is totally tuned to suit your business - from team size to scope and length, everything is tailored to your company’s needs and requirements. The skills our teams deliver may include software development, software testing and product support (individually or combined) and cover different technologies and methodologies.

  • Does a near-shore team actually help?

A near-shore team works as an extension of your onsite team providing additional capacity and/or specific expertise not available in-house, without increasing headcount and legal ties. It also helps to increase productivity and quality throughout your software development process due to the use of specialists, best practices and the latest technologies, methods and processes.

  • How does cleverti meet clients’ requirements?

Our standard way of working consists of setting-up customized teams for our clients, engaging profiles that match your exact needs. If we don’t have the required skills among our staff, we will hire them. Besides our internal team, we are supported by a strong network of partners that allows us to rapidly complement our internal headcount and skill-set.


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