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Our first edition looks closely at the gaming market and..guess what?! Even Netflix is showcasing its commitment to it.

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Netflix subscribers and gaming fans may be thrilled with the news. The American giant just announced that it has 55 more games in development (apart from the 35 available). This Tuesday, in its investor letter, Netflix announced “with 55 more games in development, including more games based on Netflix IP, we’re focused in the next few years on creating hit games that will take our game initiative to the next level.

Netflix announces 55+ games

Everybody, quick, run to your seats! Or, in this case to your chairs 💺

In cooperation with Herman Miller, Logitech G has unveiled a mind-blowing gaming chair. It is built “with a proprietary suspension backrest, a glass-filled nylon skeleton, foam headrests and cushions, covered with post-consumer recycled polyester.”

Are you already running for it? Well, there’s a downside: it’s not that cheap. It might cost you more than 1,000€. Since Christmas is coming, you can include it on your wish list. You have just over 2 months to persuade someone to get it for you😬

Fancy chair or not, one thing we’re sure about the gaming community: cheating has no place here.

Which takes us to the next question: What makes someone who loves chess cheat?

This was a question recently raised by chess guru Magnus Carlsen in a hot protest against Hans Moke Niemann and his alleged cheating practices.

Meanwhile, a report from Chess.com estimates that Niemann likely cheated in over 100 online games 😱

So, what else is new? WSJ has released a video explaining how nextchessmove.com allows players to bypass security measures 👇

C’mon, if you love the game, do not cheat!

Our Clevertees certainly are not cheaters. We may not have their opinion on this argument, but we are pretty sure they know their business.

A front-end developer with graphic designing background (Q&A)

This month also gave us José Almeida’s perspective on the relationship between graphic designers and software developers.

It turns out that this Clevertee is not only a software developer but also an experienced graphic designer. Therefore, throughout this interview, he highlighted the benefits of having graphic design experience while having a front-end developer role. 🤔

Here is what José Miguel Almeida has to say about this and other questions.

O PHP está Vivo! Ep.3

O PHP está vivo! is a series of interviews conducted by globetrotter Alexandre Bento Freire (ex-Tech Lead of PHP at Cleverti), which seeks to understand why PHP suffers widespread hatred today and explores the future and long-term viability of this programming language 🤓

Paulo Moreira (PHP Developer) was the third guest on the show. He doesn’t rule out WordPress as a good solution for simple and/or low-budget projects. Curious?

A fan of Laravel, Paulo foresees a bright future for PHP, as it continues to evolve despite its bad reputation 🚀

PHP is (very much) alive, according to Paulo!

Stay tuned for more tech news and fresh content from our Clevertees next month!