“Cleverti seeks to strengthen cooperation with British companies after several successful projects in the UK.”

England and Ireland are a top target for Cleverti’s specialized software development. Also the francophone market is a focus for 2017. With ongoing projects in German-speaking Switzerland, Cleverti now aims at the French side, as well as Belgium and France. Cleverti’s services currently extend to Belgium, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK, where Cleverti has been helping innovative companies to develop their software products by enhancing internal crews with highly talented IT professionals based in Lisbon. Results so far evidence the added value Cleverti’s business model brings to clients and hence expanding the operation is a priority.


Carlos Coutinho Silva, CEO of Cleverti, explains “2017 will be a challenging year for us. We are seeking to consolidate our client base and also increase our presence in several international markets, with a special focus in England, Ireland and European French-speaking markets. “ Cleverti’s investment in these markets is “on the move” including several negotiations and local partnerships to leverage business network. Opening a local agency in the UK is one of the great goals for 2017. For Carlos Coutinho Silva, “this is a step that will bring us closer to our clients and we hope to make it happen on a very short time.”

Cleverti also closed a partnership with a Swiss company with experience in this type of market and reinforced the sales team to work specifically in the French-speaking regions. Proximity, cultural affinity and time zone are definite advantages for European clients that choose to develop their software with Cleverti.

High quality and expertise of Software Engineers is also a hallmark in a company driven by the search of best available talent. The fact that Cleverti is based in Lisbon, broadly recognized as one of the coolest cities in the world, cannot be overlooked either. 2016: a year of confirmation for Cleverti Despite the declared ambitions for 2017, the truth is that 2016 was a year of “confirmation”, according to Carlos Silva, who adds “last year began with several clouds that have dissipated over the months”.

Entry into the Belgian and British markets “were strengths” in a year in which revenue grew 36%. The consolidation of international markets was among the goals for 2016, and attending international events such as Cebit and Web Summit helped to raise awareness and create some important contacts for the future. Cleverti was at the Web Summit to capture the attention of innovative businesses and identify opportunities for collaboration, as well as to present the company to future high performance collaborators and young people who are looking to develop their career in challenging international projects. To culminate a year of accomplishments, Cleverti was elected one of the best companies to work in Portugal.


This award endorsed by EXAME magazine measures the degree of commitment from employees to their employers, based on a multidimensional analysis that combines an assessment of the overall satisfaction index of employees with their valuation on the degree of responsible performance of the company before society.