Cleverti and eZ Systems have recently signed an agreement whereby Cleverti becomes exclusive distributor in Portuguese-speaking markets

Counting over 250.000 implementations in more than 170 countries, the eZ Publish Platform offers Content Management (CMS) & Customer Experience (CXM) solutions that include web publishing, mobile and multichannel content delivery, digital marketing, e-commerce and workflow. eZ Publish optimizes digital services in all channels by maximizing engagement and increasing conversion with added services like Marketing Automation, Smart Analytics, Personalization, Recommendation and much more. The Platform is used by thousands of organizations worldwide today not only as an intuitive and simple publishing tool but also as a powerful digital management solution at the centre of an enterprise’s digital architecture. eZ Publish enables even the most complex integrated communication and digital information exchanges across multiple processes and systems.

The association between eZ and Cleverti started in 2010 and since then Cleverti has been providing various nearshore outsourcing services to eZ, including testing and 24/7 worldwide product support for the eZ Publish Platform. Cleverti was already also nearshore product development provider for eZ Partners. This continued relationship has enabled Cleverti to gain strong expertise on eZ Publish and certify a large number of developers on the Platform, while allowing eZ to reinforce their confidence in Cleverti’s skills. For the two companies, now the time has come to take the partnership to the next level.

Under the new Distributer Agreement, Cleverti will market the Enterprise Edition of the eZ Publish Platform in all Portuguese-speaking countries, with a geographical coverage spanning Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Aleksander Farstad, CEO of eZ Systems, believes in this partnership “as a vehicle to efficiently expand into well targeted markets. Cleverti’s local market expertise will greatly support rapid and solid growth.”

Carlos Silva, CEO of Cleverti, considers this agreement as “an important step to strengthen the ties between the two companies and to boost the growth of Cleverti and eZ given the proven capacities of eZ Publish.”

eZ Systems is in the business of Web Content Management Solutions and has been since 1999, maintaining a global presence in Europe, Asia and the Americas. eZ’s leading and innovative approach takes your enterprise platform beyond content management (CMS) into creating a true digital experience with systematic optimization capabilities. The eZ Publish platform sets new standards for digital lifecycle management, including recommendations and smart web analytics functionality, coupled with an application market place of certified extensions.

Thousands of organizations worldwide benefit from optimized and intelligent multi-channel communications solutions. eZ’s client base includes small, medium and large enterprises across all industries such as media, publishing and broadcasting, financial services, telecoms, retail, government, manufacturing, logistics, and education.