IT outsourcing is not a new thing. Top companies are doing it for a while because it consistently returns positive results. A company that outsources its IT can save money and grab opportunities that would be unreachable without it.

Even for IT companies it may be interesting to extend the team externally. Below are some of the main reasons why outsourcing / nearshoring may be of the best interest for your company.

1.    Cost savings

You will spend less than you would to perform the same task with an internal team. Of course each case is a case, and it will depend on the specific situation of each company, but the cost-effective choice to outsource is in the majority of times the right one because your company will save money on setups, team training and opportunity costs.

One of the major benefits of having a specialized team are the technical skills and knowledge. A good outsourcing partner has resources with years of dedicated experience in that specific niche you are needing. A good partner is also able to bring to the table ideas and technical knowledge that you would struggle to find with your staff or even within your town.

2.    Lowering risks

Just because you need to develop a project, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should create a whole new department because of that. Lowering risks is one of the top reasons outsourcing has become so vital for companies. Nowadays, projects can change overnight and you may be able to provide a prompt response without risking too much. And you don’t need to invest thousands of dollars in knowledge, software, or equipment that will become unused after a few weeks or months, in the end of the project. These teams can lower your IT-related exposure, taking some weight off your shoulders and still allowing you to provide accurate results with lowered risks.

3.    Flexibility

You can dedicate your own resources to develop your business. Outsourcing gives you access to another company’s team, equipment, software, and proven processes. You can relax and let them take care of everything rather than dealing with it on your own. The majority of partners would be flexible enough to let you decide in which party would be located the product or project manager(s), so it is still up to you to decide who coordinates everything.

The ability to focus on what matters the most will help your business to grow and improve. You can continue to work on the important details and the things that really matter to keep your business running.

As you see, there are many reasons why nearshoring may be useful for your company. At Cleverti we are experts providing IT Nearshore services from Portugal, to our clients across Europe since 2010.

By João Ricardo Silva | Business Development Manager | via LinkedIn