If you are considering a Nearshore approach to build or extend your Software Development or QA & Testing department you may have already noticed it’s a complex multi-step process. In fact, you will be surrounded by multiple questions, especially in the early stages of the research, and flooded with unclear answers due to the extraordinary volume of information.

Why is Portugal a Top Nearshore Destination?” or “How long does it take to set up a Nearshore team?” (among many other questions) are very commonly asked questions right on the first interaction. Therefore, and to ease our visitor’s research, we have elaborated a set of Explainer Videos (online on Youtube!) that would help anyone comprehend how to set up a software development team in a few steps.

These videos were targeted to respond to the client’s inquiries & concerns, but we’ll also elaborate more videos explaining how do we recruit the best tech talents in Portugal, and in addition, how do we keep our team members highly motivated and engaged with Cleverti and clients.

Do you have other questions about our approach or would like to know what comprise the following steps to set up your Nearshore team? Get in Touch! We look forward to hearing from you!