Letsgo-On, a non-profit association promoting Portugal as a destination for shared services and outsourcing, will be represented at CeBIT 2016 by Cleverti.

Letsgo-On is a platform of services for organizations that plan to establish operations in Portugal, focused on shared services and outsourcing. Comprised by a group of complementary partners, Letsgo-On provides specialized guidance and services from initial assessments to full operation.

cleverti is Letsgo-On’s technology partner, able to fulfil any IT-related needs, particularly those connected to software development and testing.

From 14-18 March cleverti will present the company’s outsourcing services with special focus on software development and testing, with the aim of strengthening its nearshore outsourcing operations to European markets. With services provided from its nearshore location in Lisbon, cleverti already has a track-record of outsourcing cooperation with companies from different mature markets.

Exhibiting at CeBIT 2016 is an important step for the visibility of cleverti and Letsgo-On as this major event brought together around 3,300 exhibitors from 70 countries and received over 220,000 visitors in 2015, and similar figures are expected in 2016.

“CeBIT is a reference in the worldwide ICT panorama, a must be for technology-related organizations. cleverti’s operation is based on a nearshore outsourcing model since its inception and this is an excellent opportunity to present what we do best. Our presence at CeBIT will help us boost cleverti’s position as a reference in the IT market and Portugal as a destination of excellence for technology-based operations”, says Carlos Coutinho Silva, CEO of cleverti.

Learn more about Letsgo-On here.