Q: Having been so focused on attracting talent from the Brazilian IT market, can you tell us what are the biggest concerns candidates have about working for a company across the ocean?   How does Cleverti help them overcome those fears?

A: First of all, let me thank you for this invitation. If you allow me to make a long story short, I would say as result of the covid-19 pandemic, the oppourtunity to work across borders has increased while remote has definitely become the preferred option for most software developers.

As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining.

We started looking at the Brazilian market as a particularly interesting option, due to the quality of the professionals and the cultural proximity between our two countries. So far, it has been a successful venture, and we already have several people working in Brazil for exciting projects throughout Europe.

Regarding your question, I would say the main concerns are related to working as a contractor. Even preferring to work remotely, dealing with the commitments you need to take as a contractor can be harder to take in.

Some people get concerned about losing certain perks typically indexed with employment contracts; others are mostly concerned with the contract’s duration.

We can get around this issues by offering an attractive compensation; a career plan; premium acess to training platforms (Udemy and Pluralsight); Follow-up and feedback programs; and a nice benefits package for those who come to be part of our team as a contractors.

Cleverti’s approach is based on long-term relationships, and this is something I always like to emphasize with candidates. Fortunately, we also have people who have been through the same decision-making process and can assist candidates throughout this first step.

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Q: Ana Raposo (HR Manager at Cleverti), in an interview with the Cleverti Blog, said that “The so-called emotional salary should include initiatives for the well-being of employees, work-life balance mechanisms and opportunities for competence and career development. ” Do we also extend this effort to those who work with us from Brazil? If so, how?

A: Undoubtely, the so-called emotional salary makes a difference, and that’s why, at Cleverti, we seek to balance peoples’ benifts regardless of their location. This is an ongoing work that implies understanding what is most valued in each location, and accomodating the best possibilities in our offer. We believe, briefly, we’re going to have news about this subject. My suggestion for the IT professionals in Brazil would be: Stay tuned! 😉

Q: I am wondering what opportunities there are currently available to Brazilian developers and which ones you consider most attractive?

A: At this moment, we have open positions for FullStack(Java+ React).

Data Engineer; Senior DevOps Engineer , Python Backend Engineer, QA and QA Automation; Python Backend Engineer; FullStack(Java+ React).

These opportunities are available for European countries like United Kingdom and Belgium, in industries as smart mobility, cloud-based consumer review, and web-based geographic information systems.