We recently had two of our senior developers on Aqui há Java [PT] talking about James Gosling’s programming language and its potential.

Belmiro Morais, a passionate gamer and software developer, started his career in 2010 on a game server. His next step was to take a software programming course that helped him understand computer science concepts. It has also confirmed his passion for this programming language and, nowadays, he’s working as a senior developer on a nearshore project.

It is quite different for Alexandre Freire since he made his first Java program almost 20 years ago (i.e., almost from the beginning). One of the most experienced Cleverti developers, Alexandre has also programmed in PHP, C++, Python and Cobol.

Despite coming from different generations, it was interesting to realise Alexandre and Belmiro agree on topics such as the excessive boilerplate of Java’s early versions.

During this episode, it was also possible to address the following questions:

  • What are the differences between the Java used 20 years ago and the Java used nowadays?
  • What are the most effective frameworks and packages?
  • Will Kotlin replace Java?

The full episode is available on Cleverti’s Youtube channel. 

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