It is with great joy that Cleverti celebrates the tenth episode of its Podcast. We can proudly say that, throughout these ten episodes, our employees had the opportunity to share their experiences and thoughts in a spontaneously and easy-going way.

In the last episode, we had the opportunity to chat with Bruno Cerqueira, Talent Acquisition at Cleverti. We found out what a Recruiter from a highly competitive market as IT Market should take into consideration. Candidates’ needs, remote work, and flexible work were some of the covered topics.

Bruno has studied Psychology and brought his passion for behavioural analysis to Cleverti’s Recruitment Department. He also notes that his role “should take in mind the assessment of the candidates’ needs, as well as the factors that lead them to seek a new opportunity”, otherwise the recruitment process becomes a one-sided interaction, without any interest to the candidate.

The Cleverti Podcast is available on Cleverti’s YouTube channel and is shared on our digital channels like Facebook and LinkedIn.