During a series of interviews, Alexandre Freire discussed the widespread hate PHP suffers nowadays, exploring its future and long-term viability.

Rodolpho Lima was the first guest on the show, and he expressed his confidence in PHP’s robustness and health, citing Symfony and Laravel as two examples of excellent PHP frameworks.

A software engineering laboratory in college gave Rodolpho his first taste of programming. PHP was the first interpreted language he worked with after learning compiled languages such as C and C++.

PHP intrigued him because of the freedom it gave him as well as the lack of concern for the type of data. “A path of no return” was how he described his relationship with this programming language, which continues to this day.

Furthermore, our guest acknowledged that he would like to extend the development of APIs by incorporating unit tests. In his opinion this would give him a lot of security when introducing new code.

Click here to watch the full episode in Portuguese.

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