The twelfth episode of the Cleverti Podcast [PT] is out now! It was with tremendous pleasure that we enjoyed Alexandre Bento Freire as our guest!

He is more than a senior developer and Cleverti’s PHP Tech Lead; he’s a unique storyteller we appreciate hearing! Currently, he’s involved in another successful Nearshore software development project with a Domain Management Services Company.

Throughout an informal conversation of about 15 minutes, we covered topics such as the hate that PHP suffers in various software development forums.
Those who think this episode was a roast of PHP must be disappointed. There was still time to discuss the future of this programming language and the role of WordPress in it.

In between, with some fun in the mix, Alexandre saw himself in a comical situation we had to choose between two options:

a) For the rest of his life, he can exclusively use the virtual keyboard;

b) For the rest of his life, he can only program in the notebook.

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