Nearshore IT Outsourcing has never been so competitive. This brings positive assets, but the sales cycle has become more complex. Did you realize it?

The number of companies which have appeared in recent years, together with the increased market competitiveness, have led to an inevitable increase in quality of service, but above all, in the way, we communicate it. Believe it or not, communication is the key factor for a successful sell and to engage in a long-term partnership.

Every day, around the world, thousands of messages are sent by salespeople who want to sell IT services and the idea is that this number will increase over the years. It means that the tools that we used in the past and the tools that we are using now will change and will have to be improved. However, there is one “tool” besides the other ones that is extremely important for a successful sell: communication.

Why? Because if you communicate well and with consistency you are a few steps ahead of the competition and a poor communication is responsible for the high rate of failure we sometimes face on a daily basis work. Are you thinking about this right now?

Who cares if you are selling a Dedicated Team for a company, a car or even a pen, it’s the passion and the way you communicate your added-value that brings you the success. And it tastes so good, doesn’t it?

Times may change, but the sales cycle has long been well identified. No matter what stage of the process we are in, the most important is how we communicate with the final decision maker. Why? Because if you are not honest and transparent in all the process and you are not there to add value for the final customer you are doing everything wrong.

Those who buy know exactly what they want and what they do not want. And what they do not want is someone who gives everything during the sales process and then disappears without a trace, which is what happens in the vast majority of companies and that leads to the failure of many partnerships. A great communication with regular follow-ups allows you to be aligned with the ideas and challenges of your clients and assure them that they made a profitable deal.

The art of follow-up

A potential client needs to feel cherished at all stages of the process and if you abandon him/her at different stages, they will feel that this is not going to be the ideal business here. Practicing consistent and persistent follow-up during each one is a very important success factor in sales. That’s why developing an organized, systematic approach to follow-up is so important. By doing a regular follow-up as part of your routine, you can keep customers happy and generate many of your new leads from your existing customer base.

Close the deal, but don’t close the communication

One of the most widespread thoughts on the market is that a partnership is closed at the time we sign the contract and this could not be more wrong. In my opinion, it is when we sign the contract that the partnership begins and where follow-up and communication become key-factors for the success of a long-term relationship.

  • What is the point of having the best resources if you do not know how to communicate in a team?
  • What is the point of working with a large company if we do not know who is your point of contact?

Cleverti approach

At Cleverti, communication, honesty, and transparency are key factors for a success and long-term partnership. When we close a deal there are always two main things where we have all of our focus:

  • Top talents, as they are the basis of our company, with the best technical skills and strong soft skills. For us, the most important is to have people on board that knows the tech aspects but also how to communicate with the Project Managers, Product Owners and COO’s and to promote teamwork. Problems and risks all the teams in the world have, but if you communicate well you will avoid problems in a near future.
  • Together with a team, there is always an Account Manager who assures an agile approach and plays an important role to guarantee that everything is running well and smoothly. In the majority of times, the level of communication and the personal relationship allow you to build a strong partnership and a work distinguished from the rest.


At Cleverti we like to be different and provide you a special service!


Written by Tomás Santos |  Business Development Manager at Cleverti