The Dedicated Team is usually the preferred and most suitable Business Model that usually ends up being chosen

When a potential client talks with Cleverti Nearshore Team, with the intention of adding added value to their existing software team, the Dedicated Team is usually the preferred and most suitable Business Model that usually ends being chosen.

Although at first glance it may seem more reasonable to choose a Fixed Cost model, things usually start to complicate especially when the company doesn’t have the expertise in Recruiting & HR areas.

As a pioneer company in the Portuguese Nearshore, Cleverti has developed and improved over the years this business model that suits companies of all dimensions. A personalized business model that is focused on the client specific needs, and made to maximize the output, mitigating any potential frictions.

What is exactly a Dedicated Team?

A dedicated team is a complement to your team. It’ll fill the skill gaps or provide an extension to the competency to your existing team. The team members will be allocated and working exclusively for you, and the management can be made from your, or Cleverti side – you chose it.

Although a Nearshore dedicated team is a service, the working practices, methodologies, and the team itself will quickly evolve and become part of your own strategy – Just like the people you have in your office, but with the difference that we’ll be working remotely!

How do we set up a Dedicated Team?

The setup of a Nearshore team is a multi-step process that involves different departments. Because we go to the market and recruit specifically according to your needs, the whole process usually takes from 2 weeks, up to 2 months, depending on the requirements.

In the beginning, we start by hearing your ideas, Requirements, and Preferences – You will share them with the Business Development Team.

This information will then be passed to the Recruitment Team. It will play a critical role in the recruitment strategy and will help us pick the most relevant talents, from our pool of candidates.

You will only be involved at a later stage, when we feel that we have identified at least a few candidates that we feel that meet your interest, have the technical skills required by you, and are also motivated in working in a team like yours.

Only when you are 100% sure that we have identified the right people for your team, we move forward and hire the team elements specifically for you – Before providing this green light you are allowed to make technical interviews, technical tests, or any other kind of validation that may help you make a confident decision.

Why Cleverti?

Cleverti is a company based in Lisbon (Portugal’s capital) operating since 2010. During these past 10 years, we have been able to collaborate with hundreds of clients and earn a tremendous experience in this very competitive market.

Recently we have developed our own Methodology – Cleverti Care. This allows us to ensure a smooth operation and frictionless interactions between Client, Cleverti, and the Development Team.

Portugal is also one of the few Western European countries where you can still easily hire developers, our Universities feed the market every year with thousands of new Software Engineers. If you are located in companies like Germany, France, or the UK you may be already familiar with the prohibiting prices that are caused by the huge demand for the scarce resources (developers).