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One common attitude to face unique clients

Clients and projects should be nurtured as unique. But our approach to you must be clear and meet proven standards to ensure agility and effectiveness.

Smooth setup & operation

We know that subcontracting your project is a major step and we want to be facilitators in this process. We use a simple and transparent approach to make sure everything runs smoothly and you receive a quality service that meets your real needs.

1. Understanding your Requirements

It all starts by understanding your Team / Solution. In our first meeting, typically over Skype, we’re briefed about your needs, tech requirements, concerns and business specifics. We involve our technical team from the start to provide accurate answers to your doubts and worries. We also ask pertinent questions to ensure we’re tuned and on the right track.

2. Designing your solution

Together, we setup the best solution to achieve your goals. This is where we outline how we will engage. It includes picking the most suited business model and defining how and by whom team and delivery will be managed. Our proposal summarizes all relevant topics so that everything is absolutely clear. It is usually also where we sign a NDA, although we can do it in another stage.

3. Building your team

We hand-pick the best talent to suit your needs. Working with exciting technology projects allows us to attract the most talented IT specialists. We allocate them to your team entirely based on your requirements & specifications. When hiring is required, we handle the process, which can incorporate tests and other procedures you require. You will always validate / approve team members.

4. Operating with you

Your project will be conducted and managed as defined. Two-way communication is key in geographically distributed projects. We have implemented formal and informal mechanisms to guarantee regular feedback on performance and prevent bottlenecks that may impact on project accomplishment.

Business Models

Our business models are flexible, combinable and scalable to ensure you get the service you need with proper pricing and that your project is managed in the most efficient way. Our customer management team is always ready to advise you on the best option.


Service Line

Most Popular

Dedicated Team

Local team approved and monitored by you and fully operated by cleverti. Highly suited for long-term cooperation.

  1. OR

    Task-based sourcing

  2. OR

    Project-based sourcing



Most Popular

Mixed management

Flexible operation model where a local management layer works in straight cooperation with onsite project management.

  1. OR

    Team & delivery management on Cleverti’s side

  2. OR

    Team & delivery management on your side



Most Popular

Flat rate

All-inclusive monthly rate estimated from an annual basis. Avoids cost fluctuation over the months. No overhead.

  1. OR

    Time & Materials

  2. OR


  3. OR

    Fixed cost

Project execution & management

Planning a new project for a client in software development (node.js & react) Nearshore project management
  1. 1


    We are experienced in implementing Agile & traditional methodologies in geographically distributed projects. The nearshore team can adopt existing practices or implement separate processes.

  2. 2

    Team management

    A local Team Leader supervises the team with a direct link to a point-of-contact appointed by you for daily issues.

  3. 3

    Account technical management

    A Development Manager handles global relationship between cleverti and each client.

  4. 4

    Control & Risk Management

    We monitor nearshore team’s performance to assure project is running as planned, keeping expected quality, cost and effort.

  5. 5

    Quality Assurance

    We put a strong effort on assuring the quality of services provided. Quality is achieved by always selecting top professionals, implementing best practices, and controlling results through rigorous metrics

  6. 6

    Confidentiality and IPR

    Our standard employee NDA safeguards Confidential Information and Intellectual Property Rights regarding cleverti and our clients. Additional NDAs may be signed if required. The Portuguese legal system follows EU standards on IPR and Data Protection.


Regular and consistent communication and feedback are vital for the success of geographically distributed projects. Formal communication between cleverti and the client is normally assured through the deliverables agreed upon in each project, and may include:

  • Progress meetings
  • Review meetings
  • Code analysis
  • Test resuts
  • Progress / time reports (if deemed necessary)
  • KPI’s (if required)

Besides regular deliverables, spontaneous and immediate communication occurs on a daily basis and in case any problem or abnormal issue is detected.

Good communication with our clients is one of our top priorities


Our meeting rooms are equipped with conference system, LCD TV, phone, white board, etc.

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