For the fifth consecutive year, Portugal is among the leading developed providers of technology-based services in EMEA.

Gartner’s annual study that evaluates how countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa rank as providers of technology-based outsourcing services places Portugal in the top seven of developed-market locations. As in 2013, the other six developed countries in the top seven are Ireland, Israel, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Spain and Wales.

The relative positioning of countries assesses cost / benefit together with several other criteria such as language skills, labour market, education system and cultural compatibility, as well as government support, quality of infrastructures, overall country maturity and political, legal and regulatory framework, together with further legislation on security and data privacy.

Availability, quality and maturity of resources, infrastructure, general business environment, and political stability are some of the criteria that led Portugal to a prominent position in the latest edition of Gartner’s study, “Leading Offshore Services Locations in EMEA 2015: Nearshore Increases Despite Geopolitical Concerns”.

This fact is associated to a significant investment in education, infrastructures modernization, simplification of public services, and a public and private focus on research and development, together with language skills and an innate ability to work in multicultural, cross-border working environments.

Source: Portugal Global, Computerworld.