The list below shows the most common 10 principles of agile software testing.

  • Agile software testing requires testing in the early stage and testing parallel with software development process.
  • Testers in the agile software testing team must adapt to fast changes.
  • Customer must be included in testing process in order to accept the new changes that had been made.
  • Testing must be performed at each of the iterations.
  • At the end of each of the iterations there must be provided a working version of the software.
  • The process of successful testing requires close interactions between customer and developer in order to save time by avoiding unnecessary re-designs and re-implementations.
  • Progress of the work can be calculated with the help of planned activities for current period of time.
  • Continuous integration is one of the most important steps in agile software testing and development because the development team should try to provide not only functionality of the individual tasks, but the business logic.
  • Testing process should be automated because it will provide faster testing results and efficient work progress.
  • Any changes in the process must be accepted by customers.


By João Carlos Pereira | Market Director | Via LinkedIn Pulse