Portugal is a welcoming, modern and sophisticated country, full of talented people and innovative companies

Portugal’s strengths as business destination are finely highlighted in the short movie “Choose Portugal”, recently released by the Portuguese Government Trade & Investment Agency – aicep Portugal Global.

For software companies Portugal is above all a first-class nearshore destination with regard to IT processes. The IT field has a high level of excellence in Portugal, with an industry comprised of entrepreneurial and innovative companies along with a highly skilled workforce. Portuguese IT professionals are extremely qualified, experienced, driven, language skilled and adaptable. Despite this broad qualification of the workforce, wages are competitive and staff availability is high.

Such competitive advantages have allowed Portugal to grow significantly as a shared services and nearshore destination. Global market players like SAP, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Altran and Nokia Siemens Networks already have operations of this kind in Portugal.

cleverti’s location in Portugal is part of the benefits that the company offers while providing first-world nearshore IT services for Enterprise clients. The concept of first-world herein aims to summarize the unique set of features that Portugal gathers for nearshore IT practices.

Beyond the characteristics mentioned above, Portugal is globally attractive due to its geography, climate, quality of life, political stability and security. The overall business environment is good and so are the access and communication infrastructures. Also, the staff in the country of origin is also usually very receptive to travel to Portugal both on planned trips and on short notice.

All factors combined make skill transfer processes from Central and Northern European software companies to Portuguese companies, and namely to cleverti, smooth and effective.