Carlos Coutinho Silva tells you a little about cleverti’s services and how they consist an effective aid to software companies and IT departments

  • Where can Cleverti assist software companies and IT departments? 

Our services are focused on helping organizations to increase productivity, accelerate delivery and ensure quality throughout the software development lifecycle, keeping budget under control. This is especially relevant today as companies need to deliver software applications faster and on multiple platforms, with a strong pressure on quality. Applications are increasingly exposed and their quality is highly scrutinized by users increasing the cost of poor quality.

  • How is this help materialized? 

Our way of working is based on setting up nearshore teams for our clients that allow to increase their capacity or complement on-site teams with specific skills and knowledge around software development and testing. We offer different and flexible engagement models to suit specific requirements in terms of scope, size, length and pricing model. We are based in Lisbon, a unique location that combines the benefits of a high-quality destination for technology-based services with a gateway between Europe, Africa and America.

  • What are Cleverti’s plans for 2016? 

We estimate to strengthen our position in the German market and we´ll exhibit at CeBIT 2016 from 14-18 March to have the opportunity of networking with local companies. We are also focused on exploiting new markets, such as UK, Switzerland and Belgium. Additionally, we have planned an initial assessment of the US market. Our approach to these markets will maintain focus on software development and testing with the use of even more flexible business models based on as-a-Service concepts. Our growth strategy in Portugal will be focused on providing independent software testing to help organizations increase the quality of their applications, an increasingly important aspect for the Portuguese CIOs.