Cleverti has been admitted to COTEC, the leading Portuguese business association driving innovation and corporate technological cooperation.

Cleverti’s commitment to innovation keeps paying off. The most recent evidence is Cleverti’s admittance to Rede PME Inovação COTEC (SME Innovation Network), described by COTEC  itself as a public recognition of the attitude and innovative activity of enterprises which constitute value creation models in Portugal.

COTEC Portugal encompasses multinational companies, large national groups and SMEs from various sectors, representing, in aggregate terms, more than 16% of GDP in gross added value and 8% of private employment. Entering the COTEC network is subject to strict scrutiny based on the benchmarking of a broad set of innovation indicators.

The process started by Cleverti in July has now culminated with Cleverti’s entry to COTEC Portugal after unanimous endorsement by the Network Monitoring Committee, which has met this week to deliberate on the admittance of new members, after a thorough analysis of the applications. The formal announcement was made during the 8th SME Innovation Meeting held by COTEC Portugal on November 20 in Benedita, Alcobaça.

Carlos Coutinho Silva, CEO of Cleverti is “very pleased with this new step in Cleverti’s innovation path. Cleverti has provided technology services in highly competitive multicultural markets since the very beginning, which compels us to update endlessly in order to deliver the value that Clients expect from us. Likewise, our corporate culture and identity have always been guided by diversity, inclusion, innovation, cooperation, respect, openness, continuous learning and adaptability principles”.

Founded in 2010, Cleverti helps organizations in several geographies and industries to improve their business processes and create competitive advantage through state-of-the-art digital applications. Cleverti offers high value-added software development and software testing services in technologically mature markets such as Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

The mission of COTEC Portugal is “to promote the competitiveness of companies located in Portugal by developing and disseminating a culture and practice of innovation as well as the knowledge residing in the country”. COTEC Portugal’s main activities include anticipating and reflecting on key innovation issues with an impact on the competitiveness of companies; activating platforms and collaborative networks; and contributing to the improvement of public policies in innovation matters.

“We believe that Cleverti can play an active role within the network, contributing to pursue the goals of COTEC Portugal and benefit the community of innovative companies in Portugal”, Carlos Coutinho Silva says.