November 7-10 the tech world is gathering up in Lisbon. Web Summit is about to start and Cleverti will be there

In about one week thousands will be heading to Lisbon for Europe’s Largest Technology Marketplace. Entrepreneurship, technology and innovation from 165 countries will join Web Summit.

Cleverti helps companies to develop their software products by complementing internal crews when additional or specific tech expertise is needed. cleverti’s technology services are fully tailored, cost-effective and scalable. Over the last five years, cleverti has been working alongside with companies from Belgium, Germany, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

Best of breed engineers, comprehensive technology stack and flexible business models allow cleverti to deliver prompt, sharp, adaptive responses to software development needs. This is especially relevant for startups where resources are often scarce, speed is key and compromising quality is not an option.

For cleverti, the trip to Web summit will be a short one as we are based in the hip city of Lisbon.