Last week we had our 3rd Cleverti Podcast. It was an amazing conversation with our Marketing Assistant Mário Martins, and the most recent Senior PHP Architect on Cleverti Alexandre Freire.

Alexandre travelled the World, and shared with us some truly unique experiences: like how it was to program for a living while living outside of his Country for months – Just imagine yourself, with just one big backpack on your shoulders, using public WIFIs from a crowded Asian train, delivering on a daily basis the work for a big Software Company.

Alexandre started programming slightly 30 years ago. At that time there was no backend/frontend paradigm. But when stacks spread apart, Alexandre specialized in the backend because he prefers the logic of applications.

Alexandre also told us the reason why in his opinion, Javascript is the King Language for the Web Development, and why Python is the Language of the Future.

Within the following 2 years, Alexandre sees himself working in Cleverti because he loves Software and our office environment. The only requirement is to take some weeks over the year, for more memorable Trips.

Check out the Full Podcast on our Youtube Channel. (in Portuguese)