We are living very tough times, but team Cleverti is already working at full throttle, safely from our homes. Our team is completely adapted to the new working stations, like you can see on the challenge we posted on our last Friday’s remote Coffee Break.

These pro-activity, quick reaction & adaptation to the adversities, and the willing to do always better, are some of our biggest strengths, highly valued by our clients.

These are surely some of the main reasons that lead us to this point, where we are very pleased to announce that we have another amazing Client Review.

And what a special review this was: Not only because it’s a 5 out of 5 (Excellent), on a new 3rd Party Platform (Goodfirms), but especially because it’s our first client review from an American Client, that automatically awards Cleverti the 14th International Flag.

goodfirms review


This special review tastes even better when you put all the pieces together and realize that this project’s delivery (and its prior critical phases) coincided with the peak pandemic of CoronaVirus – Covid19, just few days before Portuguese President announced the State of Emergency.

It may seem occasion, or even luck. But to ensure we always deliver quality work, even on such extreme scenarios we need more. And more is Cleverti Care, the methodology that we created in 2019, that allowed us to improve productivity by more than 20%, and ensure a permanent close contact with all collaborators and Clients, on remote environments.

Thank you for being with us!