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Jan 19th 2019
Enhanced web and mobile competence to boost delivery
  • Challenge 

Our Client is a top-notch agency with a resident crew made up of highly talented B2B communication, design and technology experts. However, as requests increase this team is no longer enough to assure on-time, high-quality delivery to end-customers. Instead of growing internal crew with locally hired staff, Client considered engaging with a partner that could.

  • Solution

After a thorough evaluation, Cleverti was elected to extend the Client’s capacity to deliver top web and mobile solutions, based on a dedicated team model. Cleverti’s capacity to provide a comprehensive skillet (UI/UX, frontend, backend, mobile) was decisive. Lisbon’s proximity, trendiness, cultural connectivity, and easy communication were also relevant. Cleverti set up a nearshore team comprising 4 developers, which was fully integrated into the Client's development cycle with a local management layer to assure smooth operation.

  • Results

On-site and nearshore teams have been working alongside in full harmony since 2016 enhancing Client’s release cycle. Relying on a highly skilled team in Lisbon providing design, front, back and mobile development has enabled Client to deliver more and better solutions to end-customers. The client was also able to grow their customer base.

  • Technology

.NET, HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, AJAX and services/ API's, MVC, Angular.js, SQL Server, JQuery, Objective C, Swift, Asana

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