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What makes a company more than just your working place?

Feeling part of a really great company may be what gets you out of bed in the morning with a smile, ready to face another challenging day at the office. But what does actually make a company so great?

8 Jun 2017

Portugal: world’s third most peaceful country

Portugal is the third most peaceful country in the world and first in European Union as shown by Global Peace Index 2017. Only Iceland and New Zealand rank ahead of Portugal.

5 Jun 2017

Why Outsourcing? And why not, when you have so much to gain

Outsourcing. The word may still be strange to some, but in these times, it is a service that is gaining more and more strength. Why? 

25 May 2017

Why should you consider using React.js for your next project?

Currently we’re living in an age where the backend and the frontend are divided and the heavy lifting, rendering content that was previously done by the backend is today the job for the frontend.

17 Apr 2017

5 must-haves you should look for in a software development partner

When software is at the soul of your business, quality is a precious good you really don’t want to jeopardize. And of course you've often assumed that no one is likely to develop your software as well as you do... But is this entirely true?

23 Mar 2017
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