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Learn more about some of our projects and how we have made them success stories

Success Story | Smart and responsive retail sales management (Software Development | Cloud)

Smart and responsive retail sales management

(Development - Cloud)

Our Client is a Portuguese company focused on providing customer-value technology solutions to enhance the business performance of demanding clients in various industries and geographies.

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Integrated Campaigns for Pharmaceutical Products

(Development - Back-end)

Our client is a Norwegian consultancy dedicated to increasing the shareholder value of its end customers, providing in-depth analysis, knowledge, and expertise to enact changes and accelerate business performance.

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Success Story | Wider, faster and better testing of eZ Platform | QA & Testing

Wider, faster and better testing of eZ Platform

(QA & Testing)

eZ Platform is an open-source Content Management System (CMS). They have 500+ paying customers in 25+ countries, 80+ business partners and a community of 45,000+ members.

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Improved customer experiences accross the globe

(Product Support)

Our client develops a CMS platform to build rich digital experiences including web publishing, mobile and multichannel content delivery, digital marketing, e-commerce and workflow. The platform is implemented worldwide.

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