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QA & Testing

Cleverti’s QA & Testing services provide an end-to-end approach to software testing, enabling you to deliver high-quality software applications with shorter release cycles.

What we do

We provide functional testing, non-functional testing and test automation services, following industry standards and best practices.

  • Test Automation

  • Functional Testing

  • Non-Functional Testing
  • What is it?

    Cleverti’s test automation services allow to automate several tasks throughout your Software Testing Life Cycle. Whenever possible, we replace manual testing with faster and more efficient automated tests. Automation provides higher testing capacity, speed, coverage and cost-effectiveness. We automate both functional and non-functional tests.


    Our test automation experts use comprehensive tools to automate tests across various platforms and different browsers, including Telerik TestStudio, SmartBear, TestComplete, Selenium IDE / WebDriver, Sahi, SmartBear SoapUI, Microsoft CodeUI, and HP Quality Center.

  • What is it?

    Cleverti’s functional testing services assure that your software complies with specifications and user needs. We test the expected functionality of your software against its business and functional requirements and eliminate bugs in several development stages. We may perform functional tests manually and/or implement automated tests.


    Our testers are experienced with the most common management and testing tools, such as Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Microsoft Test Manager, TestLink, Atlassian Jira, Bugzilla, Mantis, Microsoft Visual Studio, PHPUnit, Junit, Microsoft Test Manager, HP Quality Center, and Silk Central.

  • What is it?

    Cleverti’s non-functional testing services show how your software behaves under different real-time conditions. We measure quality attributes like reliability, scalability and availability to determine the responsiveness and stability of your application or system.


    Our test specialists are proficient with specific performance testing tools such as Silk Performer, Webload, Jmeter, SmartBear LoadUI, and StressStimulus.

What you get from choosing Cleverti's QA & Testing Services

  • Capacity

    Possibility to include QA & Testing in the various phases of your project

  • Formality

    Wider testing formalization with flexibility, effectiveness and cost earnings

  • Expertise

    Experience developing test strategies and performing manual & automated tests

  • Top Testers

    Specifically trained testers focused on identifying code errors

  • Best practices

    Use of the latest tools and methodologies for rigorous testing

  • Coverage

    Increased quantity and diversity of tests performed

Our Services in Practice

Know some our most recent success stories in different technologies & expertises

  • Cleverti Blog entry Software development, Java

    Framework to allow building applications over it on short timeframe

    Swiss software company delivering solutions for various industries, including Transportation, Food & Drug, Horology, Electro-Mechanic, Banking, and Public Sector

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  • Cleverti Blog entry Software development, front-end, Angular

    Building an highly scalable, responsive, enterprise-grade frontend solution

    Luxembourg-based digital marketing agency specialized in developing disruptive solutions to meet demanding global customer goals

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  • Cleverti Blog entry Software development, web, mobile, Javascript

    Enhanced web and mobile competence to boost delivery

    Full-service agency providing creative communication solutions for demanding business challenges to national and international organizations

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  • Cleverti Blog entry Software testing, test automation, BDD, gherkin

    Test automation with BDD in financial group

    Our client is a Portuguese nationwide financial group, comprising a vast number of local banks and credit unions, as well as several specialized companies

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  • Cleverti Blog entry Software development, mobile, iOS, ANdroid

    Fresh mobile functionality for worldwide sports fans

    Client needed to extend their mobile development capacity in order to accelerate the delivery of new iOS and Android versions of the platform to be displayed in app stores to their thousands of users.

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  • Cleverti Blog entry Software Testing, eZ Platform, open source, PHP

    Wider, faster and better testing of eZ Platform

    eZ Platform is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) with 500+ paying customers in 25+ countries, 80+ business partners and a community of 45,000+ members

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  • Cleverti Blog entry Software development, .NET, C#

    Integrated Campaigns for Pharmaceutical Products

    Our client is a Norwegian consultancy dedicated to increasing the shareholder value of end customers, providing in-depth analysis, knowledge, and expertise to enact changes and accelerate business performance

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  • Cleverti Blog entry Software development, cloud, Azure

    Cloud-based smart and responsive retail sales management

    Our Client is a Portuguese company focused on providing customer-value technology solutions to enhance the business performance of demanding clients in various industries and geographies.

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  • Cleverti Blog entry Software development, front-end, Ja

    Top front-end usability for reservoir management platform

    Our client is a Norwegian technology company focused on delivering scalable software and high-value solutions for the Oil Drilling industry

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