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Software Development

Cleverti’s software development services help you improve competitive advantage by delivering highly dependable software applications with lower investment and faster time-to-market.

What we do

We provide comprehensive software development expertise combining the latest technology and methodology trends with the best people.

  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Mobile
  • Cloud
  • What it is

    Cleverti’s front-end development services enable you to deliver web applications that provide immersive user experiences. We create fully functional and interactive user-facing applications with the latest markup languages, scripts and frameworks. Our front-end developers make sure your web applications offer the best usability with even design across different platforms and browsers.


    We keep up with fast changing web development tendencies and best practices. Our client-side development expertise includes:

  • What it is

    Cleverti’s back-end development services help you deliver highly dynamic software applications to meet the most demanding end-user requirements. Our back-end developers create top quality software optimized for maximum efficiency, speed and scalability. Cleverti’s full-stack expertise also ensures you have reliable, functional and usable applications with flawless


    We use robust server-side programming languages, databases, frameworks and tools to build clean and reusable code. Our expertise includes:

  • What it is

    Cleverti’s mobile development services allow you to launch effective apps to increase the loyalty of your customers and develop your business. We build fast loading, high performing and secure mobile apps with great user interface and simple navigation. Our apps are responsive to end-user's needs and based on design guidelines for the selected platform to help you stand out from the crowd.


    We create native and device-agnostic apps using the latest platforms, frameworks and tools. Our mobile development expertise includes:

  • What it is

    Cleverti’s cloud-based development services help you to deploy applications in the cloud allowing a faster response to your business needs. We build and migrate high-performance cloud-based applications that improve your time-to-market and business agility while providing cost savings and ability to scale on demand. We handle integrated development environments and application lifecycle management, including source code, quality management and configuration.


    We build and test cloud-based applications using the main platforms and resources. Our cloud expertise includes:

What you get from choosing Cleverti's Development Services

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Quality applications with faster time-to-market and significant decrease of overall software costs

  • Competence

    Know-how in the latest technologies, frameworks, tools and methodologies

  • Extendibility

    Evolving applications to keep up with evolving business requirements

  • Drive

    Wider focus of your internal crew to core business development

  • Scalability

    Capacity to engage expertise as you need it.

  • Dedication

    Wider focus of your internal crew on core business development

  • Flexibility

    Dynamic ways and best practices. That's what we do to keep up with your changing business requirements

Software development in Practice

Know some our most recent success stories in different technologies & expertises

  • Back-end
  • Cloud
  • Success Story | Integrated Campaigns for Pharmaceutical Products (Software Development | Backend)

    Integrated Campaigns for Pharmaceutical Products

    Our client is a Norwegian consultancy dedicated to increasing the shareholder value of its end customers, providing in-depth analysis, knowledge, and expertise to enact changes and accelerate business performance.

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  • Success Story | Smart and responsive retail sales management (Software Development | Cloud)

    Smart and responsive retail sales management

    Our Client is a Portuguese company focused on providing customer-value technology solutions to enhance the business performance of demanding clients in various industries and geographies.

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